"Hello Paul... Many Thanks for your performance on Saturday evening.  It was a delight to have you play for us and we have received some EXCELLENT FEEDBACK & COMMENTS!  THANK YOU AGAIN... Happy New Year!."

Sandra Slights, General Manager, BlueSky Breckenridge Vacation Rentals, CO

  "Your website is wonderful and it's great to offer clients UNIQUE CEREMONY MUSIC!!  I LOVE your work!"

–  Vanessa R. Adams, Adam Event Planning, Aspen, CO 

  "Paul - Thanks so much!  Your performance was WONDERFUL and it set the atmosphere PERFECTLY!  I will definitely consider your services again for future events!"

-Abe Redoble, AFCEA Event Chair

   Performed at the Antler Hilton, Colorado Springs, CO

"You play piano BEAUTIFULLY... I can RECOMMEND YOU!"

- Ashleigh Buhr,  The Golden Hotel, Golden, CO

  "Thank you Paul you were AWESOME... it was the PERFECT TOUCH! "

- Anne Hypolite, Wedding Planner, Colorado Springs, CO

Client comments

     For several decades, Paul has been flying under the radar with regards to his musical talents and only recently has begun to share his music with a wider audience.  Since his debut in 2013 where he composed and played a song for his daughters wedding... his Passion and Creativity for his compositions has grown tenfold and over the past months has already entertained thousands and his music is being heard by audiences throughout Colorado and the Midwest!  Paul's Piano Meanderings performances are one of a kind... no two are ever alike!

    Most recently Paul has composed a heartfelt song ( written as a duet) that he sent off to Celine Dion asking her to take a look at it as a tribute song to her late husband, Rene Angelil.  And... if accepted by her, this musical piece will be sung at the closing of all of her concerts!

    Together, we will strive to make your Event Extra Special !  Right NOW, our rates are very reasonable!  So contact us TODAY to reserve your date and event !

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